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Building a BETTER TURNKEY investing experience

About Us
We help people retire with rentals. Six words that drive everything we do.

Why Work With BTK
BTK has one mission, to become the best in class platform for real estate investing for those who are looking to build a buy and hold portfolio of high-yielding real estate assets.

For our investors
We built BTK to work closely with our investors to help provide a support system and opportunities that allow our investors to easily and quickly develop a portfolio of cash flowing properties. We partner with our investors to help define a roadmap for financial freedom using the Door Score(tm) methodology.

We’ve been conditioned to believe the stock market is the way to retirement but what happens when you do retire and no longer are able to contribute to your 401K or IRA? Your money rolls into a 1% to 3% yielding bond or CD and you slowly deplete the asset value. What happens if you outlive the asset value? Unfortunately like so many retirees, you end up depending solely on social security. Your quality of lessens due to financial constraints and what was once painted as the perfect investment strategy fell short.

Real Estate does not deplete. Real estate rental income adjust with inflation. Property values in the markets we focus on, appreciate at a linear 3% to 7% annually. The beauty of real estate is the asset values and cash flows increase with the times. You are positioning yourself and likely your family to which you’ll pass these assets to later on, a constant stream of passive income.

BTK works with you as an investor to plan your financial mission. We help you find properties that fit your portfolio requirements. We help you through the process and in the end, you will begin to realize that not only will you have a on-going stream of income for retirement but you will soon be able to replace 100% of your required income. This is the beauty of BTK and we want to help you realize this dream.

Our Team

Bobby Sharma

Founder & Managing Partner

Tom Staub

Founder & Managing Partner

Raj Bhalla

Director, Acquisitions

Gina Landers

Director, Business Development

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