Boot Camp

Why the boot camp is important

Purpose / Vision

(i) Become the best at investing out of state.

(ii) Build a portfolio of properties out of state that meet your investment criteria.

(iii) Learn and Share with others in the MasterMind Group.

Investor Boot Camp

The BTK Investor Bootcamp – Best for investors who want to get started but do not know where to begin.

$495 per student

4 Classes, one per week

90 Minutes per class


Class 1: Why Real Estate is the Best Asset to own for long-term wealth creation.

Class 2: How to plan a real estate strategy for wealth accumulation

Class 3: Evaluating Markets and Deals

Class 4: Types of Real Estate deals

Note: This fee is refundable if you purchase a property with BTK

Next Steps

If this is of interest to you and you are ready to go, then please contact us here

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